Weetbix and Weetabix documentation to 1936

Wikipedia Reference Documents

The following is a selection of documents from the records in Bennison Osborne’s collection, now held by his daughters. The numbering below follows the reference list in the Wikipedia Weet-Bix article as closely as possible, given that others may add to that article, thereby changing the footnote numbering.

2. Letter to Dorothy Osborne from W. Allum, Osborne’s nephew, concerning his testing of the product during Osborne’s development of the product “WeetBix.”

3. Application for Trademark No. 45320, through Griffith & Hassel of 77 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, on August 19, 1926. The trademark was registered and protected at 2:30 p.m. on August 24, 1926, under trademark No. 224289, Divisional No. 45320. The trademark was accepted on July 27, 1927.

4. Statement of Bennison Osborne concerning the development and naming of the product “WEETBIX” and its subsequent history through the early days of Weet-Bix in Australia, N.Z. and South Africa, and then his creation of Weetabix, the British product.

5. Osborne’s Australian Weet-Bix business card.

6. Christchurch Weet-Bix factory – the first Weet-Bix factory outside Australia.

7. Osborne’s South African Weet-Bix business card.

8. Memorandum of Association of British & African Cereal Company, Limited, p. 5 or 7. Search “Companies Information” at http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk, Company No. 00267687.

9. Articles of Association of British & African Cereal Company, Limited, specifically “Directors,” Article 82, p. 31 or 34. Search “Companies Information” at http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk, Company No. 00267687.

10. Weetabix staff photograph, circa late 1933, with Bennison and Dorothy Osborne second row from bottom, 9th and 10th from left.

11. See “Kettering Leader & Guardian,” “Northhamptonshire Advisor” and May 19, 1933, edition of “Town and Country News,” article entitled “Spreading the British Breakfast Table.” See also personal references below, the first of which reflects the state of the Company and is a reference from the advertising agency reflecting the period Mac Macfarlane was in control of advertising. The following are personal references for Osborne provided for his application to enter the United States of America.

12. Weetabix letterhead showing Osborne as sole Managing Director of Weetabix.

13. Weetabix letterhead showing George as Chairman of the Board (see 11. above).

14. Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company, July 21, 1936, during which the name of the Company was changed from British & African Cereal Company to Weetabix Limited. “Companies Information” at http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk.

15. Letter of Appointment of Osborne from the Base Commander of the U.S. Army Air Force.


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